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Archaeology classes for kids

Our unique hands-on archaeology sessions get children involved in learning about the past- digging, making and doing! 

Our summer term is underway:

Come and join the fun!

Booking is now open for our amazing archaeology classes packed full of exciting activities for 2-8 year olds all themed around archaeology and the past. 


Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

- Chinese Proverb -

Time Tots offers exciting archaeology classes for 3-8 year olds in the Bath/Bristol area!

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History studies the past by looking at written and documentary records. ​

It could be diaries, letters, official documents, census records, books.


Archaeology looks at anything to do with people from the past.​

Pots, bones, pyramids, castles and much more!


Palaeontology is the study of dinosaurs. We cover that in Time Tots too- because who doesn't love dinosaurs?!​

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